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...He’d already begun to take pride in his position. A position that reminded him of his days in Color Guard back in high school. JROTC Color Guard, not to be confused with the group of Cheer Squad rejects, as Isaiah called them, who twirled flags around to the sound of semi-rehearsed band music; his color guard was a group of uniformed individuals who presented the colors of the United States’ flag and a certain unit, or state with the utmost respect, dignity and professionalism...

All veterans have their stories. All veterans have their experiences. They’ll vary from person to person, but one thing is for sure; they’ll all remember basic training. Here’s a journey through Air Force Basic Military Training circa Year 2000 that many Air Force veterans will find familiar, other service-members will be able to relate to and everyone will find entertaining and informative.


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Robert Lovelle Rooks

Robert Lovelle Rooks (born September 19th, 1981) is an American writer of novels and blogs. Rooks was born in Wichita Falls, Texas on Sheppard Air Force Base. He has commonly received four and five star reviews for his One Life Stand series of books. His realistic fiction style of writing has gained him many followers and is greatly influenced by his personal life and experiences. Robert Lovelle Rooks is a U.S. Air Force and Army Veteran.

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