Africa Through 100 Eyes

Portraits of Beauty and Hope

by Kevin Fell and Longhang Nguyen


Book Details

“Africa leaves nobody indifferent… There is something in the dwellers of this part of the world that pierces your soul and you can never get rid of.” This book is a collaboration by over 50 photographers from 20 different countries throughout the world who have lived in, worked in, or deeply experienced the African continent and its people and have been forever changed by it. The profits from this book will be donated to the United Nations World Food Programme, to support their effort in providing food to African school children. We hope you enjoy the journey.


About the Author

Kevin Fell and Longhang Nguyen

Kevin Fell, MD: Kevin Fell first developed a love of photography in the 1990's while living, working, and conducting medical-anthropological research with tribes in the Amazon. Since that beginning, he has visited and worked in many regions of the world, where he has seen first-hand the intimate connections between poverty, health, and personal freedom. He studied Comparative Political Socialization and Spanish at the University of California at Berkeley and attended medical school at the Mayo Clinic. While practicing medicine through the years, he has chased after barefoot shamans in the rainforest, swum in piranha-infested waters, and once ran (successfully) from a herd of stampeding wild boar in the middle of the jungle. Dr. Fell has spent years providing care for immigrants and refugees from Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Bosnia, the former Soviet Union, and Africa. He currently practices as a family physician and medical hypnotherapist in Northern California.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Longhang Nguyen, MD: At the age of 9, Longhang Nguyen escaped from post-war Vietnam with her father, her brother, and many others in the hull of a small fishing boat. She and her family survived the journey to Malaysia, where they lived in a refugee camp until finally being admitted to the United States. Longhang learned English as a second language, eventually receiving a scholarship to the University of California at Berkeley. She graduated in Neurobiology and minored in Ethnic Studies. Subsequently, she spent two years at Oxford University, earning a degree in English literature. She returned to study medicine at the University of California at San Francisco. Dr. Nguyen currently treats immigrants from Vietnam, Latin America, and other regions of the world in San Jose, California. Her writing has been published in the books, A Sense of Wonder, Multicultural Voices, and American Dragons.