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Join Rosey on a timeless adventure—and an incredible life journey!

Rosey, the donkey that receives a very special assignment, was born at a time of great joy and great sorrow. Rosey’s life leads him to take part in the Holy Week when Yahshua (Jesus) enters Jerusalem. Yahshua (Jesus) had a plan and a purpose for Rosey, whose story begins with the many twists and turns he takes to reach a point in history that will change everyone’s life—the Holy Week when Yahshua (Jesus) enters Jerusalem. Along the way, each character realizes that every life in Christ has a very special purpose. They find their answers as to why good and bad things happen in life and come to realize “It was all for this!”


About the Author

Libby Lingenfelter

Libby Lingenfelter is a historical Christian fiction writer who uses creativity to share biblical truths. It is her heart’s passion and her attention to detail that captivates her audiences. She takes you on journeys between written lines and beyond your wildest imagination yet carefully and skillfully preserves Yahweh’s (God’s) Holy Scriptures.



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