Best Broken Promise

Story Three of the 'One Life Stand' Series

by Robert Lovelle Rooks


Book Details

“Best Broken Promise” Robert Lovelle Rooks’ startling finale in the “Truth’s at Distance” Trilogy

Can a man ever overcome the foibles that haunt him? Meet Percy James, a man whose girl friend won’t give him what he’s always wanted, a child of his own . . . a man who flits from relationship to relationship, unable to find love. And then one day, Percy James finds himself in the same room with the one woman who carries a secret that can provide him with true happiness.


Book Excerpt

Tyler started the meeting, giving greetings from Mr. Muhammed in his absence and taking a cup labeled chocolate mocha latte. But James didn’t hear a word Tyler said. His eyes were fixated on the figure that stood in the doorway. He had no idea if he was imagining things, or if the world was really this small. James had trouble breathing. He even felt a cold sweat coming on, as he abruptly remembered what it was like to have butterflies in his stomach. She was beautiful. She was stunningly beautiful. More beautiful than he remembered.


About the Author

Robert Lovelle Rooks

Robert Lovelle Rooks is a published author from Texas. On top of publishing fiction, he's an avid blogger. You can keep up with his periodic rants here:

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