Prayers for Grace

by Clara Tucker


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Grace! Everything you need! Receive it today!

Frustration, anger, and a loss of hope have many ready to walk away from the grace of God, but God says, don’t give up on Him! Through His grace and prayer there’s an answer for your needs. If you are in need of healing, transformation, or a forgiving heart, there’s a prayer for you. If you want success in life, there’s a prayer to help you get it. If you cannot hear the voice of God, but talk to Him often, there’s a prayer for you. If you are hungry for real food and thirst for living water, there’s a prayer to bless you to be fulfilled. If you are in darkness and have no light, there’s a prayer to bless you. Learn how the cry of a sinner brings forth Godly visitations and heavenly experiences by the grace of God and prayer. See how God gives His grace and virtue in exchange for deliverance of strongholds, our own sinful nature, and consequences of living life. The grace of God is the answer for every situation of life encountered. In this book, learn how to receive God’s grace, passion, and love. Accept Him as LORD, Savior, Father, and Friend.


Book Excerpt

Remission of Sins reveals the Grace of God, given to rescue the people of God. No matter what state of mind or situation you might be in, Grace is waiting to deliver you and bless you! The Grace of God was given long before His people even knew they were in need of being rescued. Remission of Sins shows how God can use your frustration, confusion and anger to bless and prosper you to overcome every obstacle trying to stop you from moving forward to become transformed into His image. Grace is waiting to give you Salvation, Relief, Peace and Prosperity. You are just one prayer away! Receive God's Grace today and be blessed.


About the Author

Clara Tucker

Clara Tucker is a native of Tuskegee Alabama, grew up in Akron, Ohio and currently lives in San Pedro, CA. She is a disciple and teacher of God’s Word. In 2004 she was inspired by the Living Word of God and published her first book – Don’t Touch That Tree. In 2009 she published a work of poetry. Remission of Sins Prayers for Grace is her third publication. When she is not writing she enjoys making jewelry as a hobby.



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