The Weight of Deeds

A Collection of 14 Short Stories

by Eli Thorpe


Book Details

Eli Thorpe is a master of the short story genre. His debut collection offers fourteen brilliant, elegantly crafted tales that showcase his rich gift of storytelling, keen sense of irony, and unique style. Varied in topic and tone, these unforgettable stories provide something for just about every reader.

It was definitely odd remembering one’s own death, Mitch thought. So begins “Nothing Personal,” the story of a man determined to exact justice for his own murder.

In “Moonlight,” a man is haunted by a nightmare and a surreal, otherworldly woman who threatens his safe, everyday existence…and his budding office romance.

In “The Tree,” a young boy challenges himself to climb the same tree his father once climbed, and finds himself in a precarious situation—too high, and with the sun about to set. Just as he begins to panic, the words of his father come back to him. “It’s never completely dark…”

“The Magician” is the story of a man who loses his way while driving home after a long day at a mind-numbingly boring seminar. He’s a practical man, a realist, but as he crests a hill, he finally recognizes his surroundings—a place that shouldn’t exist. A place he’s only seen in dreams.


About the Author

Eli Thorpe

Eli Thorpe has been a teacher, a newspaper reporter and editor, a roofer, a bartender, a bouncer, and a photographer, among other things. After a long residence in New England, he recently returned to his hometown in eastern Pennsylvania, where he is concentrating on his writing career and currently is working on several projects. Thorpe is also the author of a novel, The Valley of the Ashes.

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