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When you fall asleep on the subway you can wake up to some out of this world experiences.

When you fall asleep on the subway, you can wake up out of this world!

When Jon Gorman and his buddy Tim, both Navy Seals, hopped on the subway from New Jersey to Manhattan late one night, the long day and the motion of the train soon lull both of them to sleep. When it comes to a stop, they wake to find the train has been abandoned, in the middle of a tunnel, somewhere under the streets of New York.

As they make their way out to the street, they encounter a girl running for her life, in a world they no longer recognize.

They will soon find out just how strange reality can be.


Book Excerpt

Excerpt from "2nd Earth":

When we get to the surface it is not dark so now we are totally confused. We couldn’t have slept all night and most of the day on that train. The crowds during the morning rush would definitely have woken us up.

While we are looking around for Tim to recognize where we may be we hear what sounds like someone screaming for help. It sounds like it is coming from a couple of blocks over so we head in that direction. By the way there are cars all over the place but no people on the street. This is starting to get kind of spooky.

When we turn the corner we see three young men running. They are being followed by a young lady who is apparently the one yelling for help because following her are four other young men who look like fugitives from a punk rock concert. I don’t stop to analyze the situation because the punks are gaining steadily on the young lady who is yelling at the guys running in front of her.


About the Author

Edward and Eunice Vought

Ed and Eunice wrote 2ND EARTH for their six children who are big science fiction fans. They have always been fascinated with the concept of parallel worlds and often speculated what it might be like to be among the only survivors of the near total destruction of the world as we know it.

They are currently working on a follow-up to 2ND EARTH along with continuing with their Best Friends series.

They reside in Marion, Ohio where their greatest joy is their two granddaughters.

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