4/44/14 I

First Fourteeners

by David A. Lien


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Four Years and Forty-Four Fourteeners (4/44/14)

The longest journey begins with a single step. “During August 1999, David Lien climbed his first 14er (14,000-foot peak) in Colorado’s rugged Rocky Mountains. Almost seven years later, during May 2006, he went on to tackle the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest. Eleven climbers died on the mountain that year (the second highest-ever Everest death total), including two of Lien’s fellow climbers. But David made the difficult decision to turn back at over 25,200 feet during the team’s summit push, a decision that saved his life. David’s quest began as an attempt to climb forty-four fourteeners in four years, but it turned out to be about much more than climbing mountains.”


About the Author

David A. Lien

David Lien is a former Air Force officer, worldwide adventurer, and accomplished mountaineer. His climbs and travels have taken him to 28 countries and onto the highest points in all 50 U.S. states, the fifty-four highest peaks in Colorado (the 14ers), and six of the Seven Summits (the highest points on each continent). David has contributed articles, essays, letters, and photos to numerous periodicals, books, and newspapers, including: Everest: Surviving The Death Zone, The Firegrate Review, Trail & Timberline, Whitetales, Fur-Fish-Game, The Backcountry Journal, The Boundary Waters Journal, NewWest, Summit Daily News, The Aspen Times, Vail Daily, Rocky Mountain News, Rocky Mountain Chronicle, The Pueblo Chieftain, The Denver Post, Colorado Springs Independent, The Durango Telegraph, Desert News, Casper Star Tribune, Anchorage Daily News, Outdoor News, Duluth News Tribune.

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