You Are Forever in Time

A Theological Alternative to Ones Own Religious Belief.

by Albert C. Bender

You Are Forever in Time

You Are Forever in Time

A Theological Alternative to Ones Own Religious Belief.

by Albert C. Bender

Published Jul 24, 2009
107 Pages
Genre: RELIGION / Christianity / General


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A Theological Alternative

to Ones Own

Religious Belief.

We are forever in Time?..WOW !! That sounds really great. But, can it be true?? I “The Author” uses reasonable logic, known facts, common sense analysis and quotes from known and respected people in this and related fields of Philosophy and Science...Religion will be injected to help one to understand and help believe my theories.

Yes, its all a theory, but, after reading, you decide how believable and true it may seem to you? After reading you will want to close your eyes, lean back in a quiet surrounding and give it deep thought...I did, and I am convinced.


Book Excerpt

We are "Infinite Spiritual Beings"...Our life on Earth does not begin or end in the physical world...We are of timeless essence....Eternity is our true home...."Life is not separate from death--it only looks that way"...


About the Author

Albert C. Bender

I, being your author,have written a book based upon a strong inner feeling and a belief that has been holding within me for a long time. This belief I wanted to share with others and what a better way to show that expression, was for me then to actually put it into writing form, as shown through this book. In my writing, I have tried to express my feelings on this subject in true to life, man to man, everyday simple language for others to understand. If you believe as I do now about what I have written, you too will lose that fear of death that one has, and live the moment, knowing that life never ends. And,with a strong and anxious anticipation of what comes next.....Personally, I am a retired self-employed widower, now residing in the Charleston SC area, and formally from New Jersey. I lost a 18 year old son in 1982 and my wife died in 1992. I now have a son in NJ and a daughter who also resides in SC.

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