Boy, What I Could Do With Gates' Billions!

by David Hernandez


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Recipe for Better World: Unorthodox Education

BOY, WHAT I COULD DO WITH GATES' BILLIONS! is a book that offers a blueprint for "doing something about" changing the things in our lives and in the world that eat into our souls-and pocketbooks today, yesterday, and most likely for the foreseeable future. We grumble at the pollution of our environment, the mindless wars that have been haunting man since he emerged from the caves, the corruption in politics, the booming wave of white collar crime, domestic violence and in our streets, the poor education that little prepares our children for future citizenry, racial hatred, discrimination of the wealthier nations against the poorer ones, the chaos that rampant legal and illegal immigration has created, the woes of out-sourcing, the national and international trade deficits, the conflicting agendas of groups that are ripping our country apart, and the greed that is being fostered by the perversion of the original notion of the Great American Dream. Missionaries and national programs have labored to make meaningful improvements and changes for the better. Various charity groups and individuals like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have joined the battle to reduce the wages of poverty around the world. Now, as valuable and noble as these efforts may be, none of them probes deeply enough into the causes of our deadly intelllectual and spiritual malaise, and will not change the values and behavior of man as we know him today. DAVID HERNANDEZ, on the other hand, proposes an educational system and charity program designed to reach into the basic values and beliefs, that have fueled all that which has brought us to this baneful and costly juncture, and change them in such a way that a new man of reason will be in the position to forge a far more humane and livable world.


Book Excerpt

Some people would see Hitler as a tyrant, others as a lunatic. Then there are those who would find close similarities between the would-be high priest of the master race and today's self-styled American political leaders, who act on the bidding of Providence and function much like sleepwalkers.

In fact, how many tyrants have not operated on the principles pronounced by Hitler: the mass of people falls victim to the biggest lie; the masses can best be controlled and guided by the countless repetitions of the simplest concepts; the belief that their country will be/is a world power; and that they are bidden by Providence with the certainty of a sleepwalker? Hitler's notion "of the political will of the entire nation" not only works for the tyrant but for any nation bent on aspiring to greatness, even those not led by Providence but by reason.


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David Hernandez

Born and raised in Chicago in the pre-dawn of the Great Depression, David Hernandez received his Ph.D. at the University of Illinois, did post-graduate study at the University of Barcelona, has taught Spanish and English, literature, history, and culture, published articles in the U.S. and Mexico, and is the author of Missing in America: Freedom, Justice, and Honor; Hurdling the Barrio (A Memoir); The Greatest Story Ever Forged (Curse of the Christ Myth); and Three Plays/Tres Comedias (Bilingual Edition). He lives in Carrollton, Texas.

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