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A Treasure Trove of Laughs!

Dr. Simon Glover is thrown into the public eye when he wins the National Lottery. In a cruel twist of fate, though, he is shortly thereafter diagnosed with terminal cancer. Having no living relatives, he decides to have a treasure hunt and bequeath his money to the patient from his proctology practice that is able to decipher his clues and find the treasure. Villainous forces, however, are at work, as they frequently are when tens of millions of dollars are involved. It seems everyone wants to get their hands on the booty. Dr. Glover's clues lead us on a humorous adventure through Arizona and Hawaii, in search of Proctology Treasure.


About the Author

Rick Allen

Rick Allen is a humorist, freelance writer and healthcare practitioner.

He graduated from both Grand Canyon University and Midwestern University. He currently works in a multidisciplinary pain center, where he tries not to worsen his patient’s pain with below average humor. With his readers in mind, he has set the lofty goal of a pain-free, humorous read, with his novel — Proctology Treasure. He presently lives in Chandler, Arizona with his wife and four children.

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