Rare Flowers in Life's Garden

by Ronald Montgomery


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Life is never surprised ...

However, we are frequently caught off guard by the events that life delivers to our door. In travels through life, rare and beautiful flowers have a way of appearing in the most austere and unexpected places. The proper response, if there is one, has got to be reverence and appreciation of God's gifts. Of special note is the fact that we sometimes appear as rare flowers in the lives of those with intersecting paths. What a pleasant surprise.


Book Excerpt

Stories for Hot Summer Nights...

For poor families in the south – Selma, South Chicago, Saint Louis, SW D.C. – the “oral tradition” of passing history from generation to generation happened on the front porch, sitting on the steps, in front of the drug store over checker boards…or under the shade tree in the yard.

Summer nights were always the best when heat captured in the bricks chased us to the front porch and into the hot breeze that was much better than stagnant insides. The only lights were from lit cigarettes or pipes. And in the dark, mosquitoes had to use lightening bugs to find us hiding in the blackness.


About the Author

Ronald Montgomery

Ronald Montgomery, a Saint Louis native and father of two, reaches out with his writing to a broad spectrum of readers. He paints life's events with words that enrapture the mind and capture the imagination. He wields words much like an artist strokes oils with a brush. The page is a blank canvas on which he creates images that mimic life. Rare Flowers in Life's Garden continues his artistic effort to share events, and emotions that have deep roots in reality and resonate with all his readers.

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