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by Carl Marshall


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My book, "The Light of Innocence" is an inspiration that I have revealed to the world. In it are many answers to questions that have puzzled the minds of Christians for many years. I began to write so that I may remember the things I must do to keep my faith, but my commitment has led me to the door that was already opened for me. I am an innovator. My many discoveries however, have not come without oppositions, which are the battles I have fought, and overcome before I completed this book.

My boss is Jesus Christ; observing that only Jesus Christ has lived on earth, and did not sin then only he has the rights to govern me. My faith I know is at least the size of a mustard seed because mountains I have removed to live the life that I have chosen. I do not strive to be the best because the best is Almighty God however, the mercy of God has made me whole, and so I am pleased to be exalted by Jesus Christ.

All the materials in this book are my material, but this publishing company, Outskirts Press has done an excellent job in publishing it.


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Like many of us, Carl Marshall had questions. He turned to the Bible for answers. Marshall is a self taught Biblical Scholar. Most Biblical Scholars attend school for many years and have several degrees, Marshall's authority comes from the Holy Spirit.

Many Christians believe their duty is fulfilled by showing up at church on Sunday mornings. Those same people wait for someone to guide them, to interpret scriptures for them and in general to tell them how to live. Like Marshall they could make their own discoveries by delving into scripture.

I was raised in a Christian home. However, a time came when I began to question the rituals of the denomination and interpretation of my pastor. I also began to study and discovered that most of the rituals were man made. I discovered that I was in love with the denomination, the church building (stained glass windows) and the people. I loved the Lord but perhaps I was beginning to love other things more. I had to ask myself if I had lost my first love. Much like Marshall so began my journey.

Light of Innocence is Marshall's story. This book is well organized and well written. I found this text to be inspiring. He covers many topics including baptism, Christian living, the virgin birth and church rituals. I highly recommend this book.

Written by authorities in Christianity,
The Light of Innocence: Christian Living by Carl Marshall

Provides an excellent foundation for Christianity studies. Carl Marshall's style is excellently suited towards Christianity studies, and will teach students the material clearly without overcomplicating the subject. What's more, the text is available in the Paperback format shown above (ISBN 9781432748166), as well as a number of other formats. As of February 2010, this revision raises the bar for The Light of Innocence: Christian Living's high standard of excellence, making sure that it stays one of the foremost Christianity studies textbooks.

Brittany Walters-Bearden

Carl Marshall's spiritually transformative The Light of Innocence (Christian Living) is an inspiring exploration of Christian faith for "every child of God." Marshall is a self-proclaimed "self-learner," not a "product of school, church, or religion," having failed to find success and meaning in the churches he has attend. Marshall continues to "seek God's children" and does so in this book in a profound and meaningful way. This book is a great read for both the secular and the average church-going Christian, illuminating that God, religion, and spiritual path can be found outside of Church and self-taught.

Vicki Reading at the beach

My Thoughts:

The Light of Innocence" is a book that will guide you in your Christian walk,encourage you to study the Bible to improve your relationship with God. It is very well written and his views are easy to understand and referenced from the Bible. I may not agree with everything the author says, but I would say this book is a good choice for those who want to walk closer to God.

Meet The Author:

Carl Marshall’s self-study has proven to him that one must be independent and be a diligent worker with Jesus Christ in order to be exalted by God. Christians need to be their own teachers by studying God’s testament themselves. Mr. Marshall’s goal is that all can find the truth about the body of Jesus Christ because that is God’s intention.

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Having a relationship with Jesus has always been my goal, but to discover that such a relationship, we cannot practise is a blessing that is the grudge of the world. It is by faith that I have searched for the truth with the hope that one day I would gain the pleasure of being baptise. First, I discovered Ever Increasing Faith Ministry, a ministry in which Dr. Price taught mostly on the subject, faith. A couple years later I began my own study, scribbling down rules that I thought would sustain my relationship with Jesus. There I realize that to have a relationship with the Son of God does not require us to go through baptism, but a sacrifice such as in fasting will accomplish such a task.

Observing now that I am a Christian, and that the life I have been living is faithful, truly pleases me. Everyone who chooses to have a relationship with Christ Jesus must live faithfully, because we are not allowed to practice such a life as Christian living. Jesus chooses whom he chose to work with him because he knows each, our hearts. God knows who will choose righteous over unrighteous living, if they should understand faith.

What must I say now about my experience? My way are the mountains of God. Therefore, I am not in captivity. Christianity is certainly for me. It is a step by step process, one in which

  • First, I have committed with my heart that I believe Jesus is the Christ
  • Second, I continue to study to the approval of God only
  • Third, is the most difficult part of all, obeying that which I have learned
  • Fourth, I wait for the greatest day of my life, my baptism.

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