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The Dragon will grab you from the very first page and never let go

Timajin Ali has re-created the Last Dragon from 1985. This book is about a young man who searches for a new martial arts master to obtain the final level of martial arts mastery while fighting an evil martial arts expert and attempting to rescue a beautiful singer.


About the Author

Timajin Ali

Timajin Ali is one of the brightest stars in the night skies of fictional story telling. He takes readers to the edge of their seats with another spine-tingling book filled with breathtaking kung fu action and extraordinary imagination. His novel is yet further proof that when it comes to fiction writing, nobody beats Timajin Ali. His writing is exuberant, and exciting. He delivers thrilling suspense every time. Readers will be dazzled by his depth of knowledge for fiction. Timajin Ali is the author of The Land of OZ: Generations and The Land of OZ: Resurrection. He currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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