Tears, Sadness and Joy

Down in the Red Dirt Hills of Mississippi

by Willie Ruth Day-Moore


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Mississippi Life, Serious Growing Pains...

This is a true story about: my mom, my dad, my brother, my sisters and I. Growing up in Mississippi in the 50’s and 60’s wasn’t an easy life, to live in Mississippi and to be poor was enough, but to live there with a ton of family problems as time passed, wasn’t any fun. This book describes the tears I cried, watching the struggle of my family and witnessing all of the things my mom endowed, while growing up. At an early age, I watched God work out a lot of things for us down in Mississippi; I didn’t understand it until later in life. Trying to tell this story, I scribbled these words down on scratch paper for many years. I thank God, It has finally happened! Now, being a Pastor and having my background, I see how God has equipped me for the needs of other in this present time. This book shows: How shedding tears can make one strong, if they will hold on, the sadness you face watching your siblings living and seeing things; not even grown-ups should experience. I wrote this book with much prayer. I pray that God gives hope to those who has none. I’m praying and hoping, this book will show you, the God back down in Mississippi in the 50’s and 60’s is still alive and is still the same God today.


About the Author

Willie Ruth Day-Moore

Written from my heart, recognizing: the tears, the sadness, and the joy of life, the quality and importance of the mind; to comprehend and write about life, the pain and the tears that has turned into joy. I am a saved Pastor and I’m re-married with 7 children. It’s so much joy knowing that with God, my brothers and sisters made it through. Love, Willie Ruth Day-Moore