Narcissistic Predicaments

A Biblical Guide To Navigating The Schemes, Snares, And No-Win Situations Unique To Abusive Families

by Sister Renee Pittelli

Narcissistic Predicaments

Narcissistic Predicaments

A Biblical Guide To Navigating The Schemes, Snares, And No-Win Situations Unique To Abusive Families

by Sister Renee Pittelli

Published Apr 29, 2010
372 Pages
Genre: RELIGION / Christian Living / Family & Relationships


Book Details

Pleasing God While Protecting Yourself

Adult Children of narcissistic families often find themselves stuck in predicaments that people with normal families never have to face. Featuring The 21 Rules of No Contact and 102 Questions to Ask Yourself When Deciding Whether to End an Abusive Relationship, Narcissistic Predicaments has the answers you’ve been looking for.

When you try to set boundaries, do your abusive relatives accuse you of not being a “good Christian” because:

•You are not honoring your father and mother?

•You have to “forgive and forget,” even though your abusers have not apologized or agreed to stop their abuse?

•You must forgive unrepentant evildoers because Jesus said “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do”?

•You are taking revenge by enforcing consequences, and vengeance is supposed to be the Lord’s?

•The Bible says “Love your enemies”?

In this book, you will learn effective strategies for protecting yourself and find out what the Bible really says about dilemmas such as:

•Should you let your estranged relatives have contact with your children?

•Dealing with the family meddler who tries to intervene between you and your abusive relative

•Working in the family business with narcissists and sociopaths?

•What to expect when you rock the boat and get married

•What to do about holidays, parties, and family celebrations, including Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

•Does your abuser’s apology automatically cover the other relatives who took his side?

•What to expect from estranged relatives who want to drag you back into their web

•Reconciling on your terms, not theirs

•If you don’t stick around, who will take care of your abusive parents in their old age?

•Visiting a dying abuser

•When your abuser or estranged relative dies- condolences, funerals, and obituaries

God does not want you to “live in peace” with evil people. A breath of fresh air for Adult Children of abusive families, this compelling book will help you find the peace our heavenly Father promised you, because you are His beloved child.


About the Author

Sister Renee Pittelli

Sister Renee Pittelli is an Adult Child Recovery Mentor, victim’s advocate, and the founder and director of Luke 17:3 Ministries for Adult Daughters of Abusive, Controlling, or Abandoning Birth-Families. She has written extensively about family abusers, narcissists, sociopaths, and their Silent Partners, the biblical perspective on abuse, setting and enforcing boundaries, godly confrontation, the myth of forgiveness without repentance, cutting ties with reprobate relatives, maintaining No Contact, and living the life of freedom and peace that our heavenly Father intended for you.

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