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Casinos could not figure out why he never lost.

Paul Lawrence weaves a fascinating tale of gambling, romance, adventure, history, football, and betting basics in Monday’s Edition—a football gambler’s odyssey through a season of trips to Las Vegas and Reno to try to beat the system. Taking on this normally impossible task is Martin Adams, a 55-year-old computer technician and confirmed bachelor with an unbelievable secret advantage… Armed with technological know-how and his top-secret advantage, Martin’s life is about to change in a big way—and not just financially.


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Finally, it was here—week one of the pro football season. On Sundays, I always get the newspaper early. My paper is published in Dallas and has very good coverage of sports, especially professional football. They break down the games and show trends between two opposing teams for all games played that day. These aren’t opinions; they’re just facts. I study this as the main source of my decisions. I look at the line also. But as I said, it doesn’t mean as much in the pro game. I went out to get my paper. I noticed that it was sort of small for a Sunday edition. I opened the paper and looked at section A, it was dated Monday—the next day. I thought that was kind of odd. I went straight to the sports section to see what was there. I was shocked. On page one of the sports section, it gave the score of my favorite team; Dallas had beaten their opponent 27-10 on Sunday—today! I started thumbing through the sports section, to the box scores of all the games played on Sunday. For a minute I thought I had lost a day. That somehow I went through Sunday and didn’t remember any of it. Was I going insane? I checked my watch and my computer. Sure enough it was 8:15 Sunday morning. The games hadn’t been played, yet all the scores of the match-ups were there in black and white. Even the Sunday night game. Then I thought that somehow, someone was playing a joke on me. But how in the world could this be done—publish a whole newspaper just to play a joke? That wasn’t possible. I didn’t know what to think. About an hour later I looked outside, and sure enough, there was my real Sunday paper with all the coming match-ups. I looked at the match-up analysis of all the teams and the sportswriters predictions. All I could do was kind of giggle at how wrong they were. At least according to the Monday version. Tomorrow, I assumed that the real Monday paper would come. I couldn’t wait.


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Paul Lawrence

Paul Lawrence has been to Las Vegas more than thirty times. He has played all the casino games, bet in many sports books, and has come home a winner three times. Monday’s Edition is his first novel.



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