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A stimulation for the heart and mind.

Have you ever found yourself in a funny situation? Perhaps you have had the opportunity to think back on an event and remember the good, funny and passionate parts. “Isn’t It Funny?” is a small collection of true stories that reflects the comedy in life. Ranging from light humor to satirical wit, Dortha Jackson’s vignettes are a delightful snack for the avid reader. Close and personal, yet relevant to all, this book talks about situations that touch each of us. Sometimes expected, other times a surprise—in whatever manner the experience finds us, the reaction is what makes us think. Challenging the mind and questioning the soul, this collection of true stories, often rimming the edge of current events, is sparked by transient thoughts that strike a chord of entertaining contemplations. “Isn’t It Funny?” takes simple ideas and expands upon them while questioning, clarifying and pondering. For example, one story brings to light a simple thought of seeing only one shoe in the middle of the road and wondering where it came from. Another story focuses on the challenge of being an adoptive pet parent. Some are seasonal while a few are sentimental. The rest are pure fun with whimsical observations on popular subjects such as cellphone privacy, reality TV, procrastination, eating healthy and being unique. Our life experiences and the way we respond to them are a testament to who we are. Read this book and be reminded that the little things make life interesting, fun, and worthwhile.


About the Author

Dortha Jackson

As a Baylor University graduate and lifetime educator, Dortha Jackson, has a passion for writing music, memoirs, self-help, Christian fiction and children’s books. Her song lyrics were published in the 2004 Texas A&M International University "Reflections". Her poems, letters, and columns have been published by: USA TODAY, The Laredo Morning Times, and The Diboll Free Press. She has been the winner of writing contests since 1979 and most recently was a Top Ten Finalist in the Global Human Interest category of the 2014 Erma Bombeck Writing Competition. Dortha is an accomplished musician and is dedicated to her faith and family.



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