From South Boston to Cambridge

The Making of One Philadelphia Lawyer - A Memoir

by Otis L. Lee, Jr.


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"When I attended Jefferson Elementary School in Charlottesville in 1960, I was selected to recite the poem "The Path" by Paul Lawrence Dunbar, the noted black poet. That poem captured the story of my life. I had no idea when I first learned it by memory and recited it many times before the class that it would later have such a direct and dramatic application to my life. I recited the words not knowing their true meaning back then, but I know what they mean now, and who would have imagined how appropriate they would be. It is indeed passing strange how a poem learned and recited from memory by innocence can come to be reflective of the life of the declarant many years later. I cleaved "a path of my own," day after day, from Saturday to Saturday. Solving problems, "thrusting the looming rocks aside" in the lives of my clients and lending a helping hand where I could."


Book Excerpt

THE WELL Chapter 1: South Boston's rustic environs are intoxicating belying the history of its confederate past. Quaint shops selling antiques populate the downtown. Frame and brick antebellum houses line both sides of the main avenues. The rough calloused tobacco stained hands of field workers with straw hats meet you as walk about the streets.The side streets are hilly and green.Horses harnessed with plows being pulled by farmers preparing their fields for planting are a common sight. Memories that come to mind are of white and brown chickens having their heads cut off, their torsos soaked in scalding water to loosen their feathers for picking.


About the Author

Otis L. Lee, Jr.

From South Boston To Cambridge:The Making Of One Philadelphia Lawyer is a memoir in the nature of a novel. In his memoir Otis L. Lee, Jr. traces his family history, highlights various personal and professional experiences: From his childhood/adolescence in Charlottesville, Virginia In the 1960's to the history/genealogy of The Lee family; From his trials In Chicago as an Aspiring Lawyer to his triumphs in Philadelphia, and his return to the tranquility of his beloved Albemarle County. This is a story that involves courage, perseverance, business acumen and success, humorously and vividly described. Mr. Lee's story is a notable one expressing numerous philosophical insights From a variety of experiences.



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