Emerging from the Darkness

Poetry from the Heart

by Julia Olson


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Emerging From The Darkness

I put the music on, turned it up, sat down at the computer, and as if dancing on a cloud of freedom the emotions began to flow and so too did each word. This collection of poetry explores a wide range of emotions when dealing with the complexities of love, nature, family, heritage, memories, contemplations and making it through the foreboding grieving process with the help of music. The poems about love were written in the spirit of those who dream of love, and also for those who have felt love’s embrace, torment and anguish when it has been lost. There are poems relating to the loss of my mother, other loved ones and the overwhelming sorrow that invariably is brought to the surface when dealing with such pain. My heart as if wrapped in a soft blanket – felt the power of music’s embrace as it caressed my soul and released all the emotions from within me and transforming them into poetic thoughts and contemplations. Thus, there is a musical influence running through many of my poems and I cannot ignore the pure power that music can have on one’s heart and soul. I believe music can fill the soul and open the heart unlike anything else in this world. Music has always had a way of carrying me through emotional times! May my poetry touch a chord or two in your heart and perhaps find a connection with the musical spirit inside of you.


About the Author

Julia Olson

Julia Anne Olson was born and raised in rural Minnesota and graduated from Northern State University, Aberdeen, South Dakota with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Secondary Education. Julia has twenty years of teaching experience specializing in the field of Fine Arts. Ms. Olson did most of her teaching in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas and in two of Chicago’s inner city high schools. Besides working with children, Julia’s passions include: freelance photography, writing, genealogy research, and traveling the United States and Europe. Her poetic inspirations began as a child, but had been locked away in the depths of her mind until now and like spirits of the past, waited in the shadows for someone or something to set them free!

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