Christmas Beneath the Lake

From the Adventures of Bob the Bullfrog

by Darrel L. Hammon


Book Details

Christmas Beneath a Frozen Lake

What if you found yourself tucked away in a place where you didn’t think Santa Claus would ever find you? That can be a sad thought. Some people grow up in homes with three fireplaces above ground and know definitely Santa will come. Bob the Bullfrog and his family are not quite as lucky. One cold, Christmas season, his family is stuck at the bottom of a frozen lake and doesn’t know how Santa will find his way through the thick ice and snow to get there. Christmas Beneath a Frozen Lake is a story about how Santa never forgets “his children,” no matter where they might be on Christmas Eve, even if it is at the bottom of a frozen lake. On Christmas Eve, Bob experiences a true Christmas miracle, one that he cannot share with anyone except his mother.


About the Author

Darrel L. Hammon

Darrel L. Hammon grew up in Menan, Idaho, a small farming community along the banks of the Snake River, where winter snows can pile high, and rivers and creeks freeze over. He and his wife recently returned from serving a Church mission in the Caribbean where nothing freezes, and there is definitely no snow. Marcos Castillo is a freelance illustrator from the Dominican Republic. A graduate of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), Marcos has worked as a graphic designer and college professor. He is currently creating his own animated series.