Christianity’s Jewish Roots

A Study of Judaism for Christians

by Susan Renni Anderson


Book Details

One God, Two Traditions

If you’ve ever wondered how Judaism transitioned to Christianity, this is the book for you! You probably know that Christians and Jews have the same God and Abraham is our common forefather. This engaging examination is accessible and basic, yet covers a lot of ground and answers many common questions that Christians have. In this thoughtful, practical study, you’ll take a closer look at topics ranging from Jewish history and basic beliefs to prayer and ritual, law, and holidays. You’ll see both the parallels and the points at which Judaism and Christianity diverge. Ideal for small groups, Bible studies, or individuals, Christianity’s Jewish Roots is a valuable resource that Christians need in order to deeply appreciate both their Old Testament Jewish ancestors and the vibrant modern-day Jewish people.


About the Author

Susan Renni Anderson

Susan Renni Anderson was raised in a happy Jewish family, observant of Jewish beliefs and traditions. After she retired, Susan felt inspired to explore more deeply her interest in Jesus Christ and Messianic prophecy in the Old Testament. She brings her passion for teaching to those who are longing to understand more about Judaism and what it means to be Jewish.