The Burial Ground

Teddi McCoy Thriller

by David Brookover


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Prehistoric Monsters in North Dakota…


Book Excerpt

Jackson and Nick materialized atop the stone arch above Enapay’s portcullis. They saw that the drawbridge was still lumbering down toward the other side of the moat, effectively trapping the people below between the black water and attacking mutants. The storm’s gunmetal clouds whipped white caps on the moat’s surface and cast an oppressive gloom over the area. From Jackson and Nick’s position, Teddi and her team were reduced to hazy silhouettes. Jackson’s sensed the malevolence churning around them, the result of black magic. Rainbow lightning carved furious streaks through the blackness and shook the landscape with its terrible thunder bursts. Gale force winds buffeted the pair and nearly blew them off the arch, and that’s when Jackson knew Teddi’s situation was even worse than his psychic episode had portrayed it. An army of two-headed horrors charged up the gravel driveway toward the vulnerable group, and the descending drawbridge suddenly froze ten feet above the opposite side. Teddi and her friends were doomed. The Escape offered little protection against such ferocious and powerful beasts. The wolf mutants would rend the small SUV into scrap metal and drag them out in seconds. Nick and Jackson exchanged troubled glances that screamed, Now what?!! at each other. Nick Bellamy was a man of action. He quickly aimed his grenade launcher at the swiftly moving killers and pulled the trigger. Again and again. The hissing grenades arched over the moat and detonated among the two-headed attackers. Successive fiery explosions shredded the charging leaders, but the bloody carnage failed to deter the survivors. The next level of mutants behind the explosions were dazed and paused to shake off the blood, bone shards, and stringy gristle as the last row bounded past them. Fierce squalls tugged at Jackson and Nick’s clothing and howled so loudly they hindered the pair’s communications, so Nick was forced to relay his scheme to Jackson with hand signals. Jackson nodded his comprehension, grabbed Nick’s elbow, and placed his mouth close to Nick’s ear. “That son-of-a-bitch Enapay is inside the house and raising the drawbridge! You’ve got to get those people across the moat, where they’ll be protected by his magic, and we don’t have a minute to lose!” Nick glanced down. That’s why the drawbridge had stopped moving, he thought. But how did Jackson know the Indian’s intent, his name, and the protective magic on this side of the moat? Then Nick remembered. Jackson was a psychic, and it appeared he was a damned good one.


About the Author

David Brookover

David Brookover is the author of nine critically acclaimed horror thrillers. He now resides in Ohio where he enjoys its changing four seasons. “Friend” David on Facebook and learn about his upcoming projects.

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