boombin and lama

a story of friendship... investigation...and adventure!

by boona cheema & damon guthrie


Book Details

this book is about a learning-journey between a bear and his lama/teacher. each page is dedicated to the discovery of environmental problems facing the sustainability of earth from a small bear's perspective. adults reading this book will get an excellent sense of what to teach their children about caring for the earth and children will be fascinated by the adventures that can unfold while keeping their own carbon imprint small. boombin and lama is a story that happily discusses some of today's most pressing challenges in a way that uplifts and motivates while entertaining and inspiring all of us to work together in our own small ways!


About the Author

boona cheema & damon guthrie

boona cheema and damon guthrie have been collaborating on educational projects for the last five years, exchanging ideas and creating original images and words to communicate to people of all ages. at the heart of this collaboration is the desire to help children and adults learn about the issues of our environment so that they may take action towards positive change. together, boona and damon have created a way for people to learn about environmental issues without provoking fear but instead, suggesting happy-conscious actions that can indeed make all of our lives better.



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