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Millicent “Milly” Williams, former First Lady turned actress, and her ex-President husband, Jeffrey, are both up for Academy Awards; he for directing and producing, she for her starring role in a movie. Meanwhile, the current President, Gerald R. Bradson, is planning to run for a third term and has his eye on Millicent as his running mate. He invites her to dinner on the day of his wife’s funeral, but Jeffrey—baffled and not at all happy—is not welcome. Despite an attempt on Jeffrey’s life, and his subsequent escape from a mental institution, Millicent finally decides to accept Bradson’s offer and be his running mate in the next presidential election. What she doesn’t expect is to fall in love with him. Milly, Jeffrey, and Bradson are just a few of the many unforgettable characters in this political satire/romantic comedy—a story with myriad twists and turns, and characters who are eerily reminiscent of real people. Beautiful Milly is compelling, entertaining… and an outrageously funny read.


About the Author

Jeri and Bob Barrows

Robert (Bob) Guy Barrows was a retired freelance writer for television some thirty years prior to beginning work on Beautiful Milly. Bob’s wife, Jeri Barrows, took on the job of rewriting parts and completing the book after his death in 2008. She currently lives in Sacramento, California.