A Bear Named Cubby

Why Are Little Bears Called Cubs?

by Gene White


Book Details

Have you ever wondered why baby bears are called cubs? Why are baby deer called fawns, baby cats kittens, and baby cows calves? Why not John or Sue or Pat?

Many, many years ago, in a forest not far from you now, a small bear with a unique name learned that being different, even in name alone, can be a challenge. When Cubby the little bear found himself alone on a short and dangerous adventure, he learned a lot about himself. He confronted his fears, faced down a scary hunter, and used his secret weapon to save his friends: laughter! Cubby’s adventure will always be remembered, as it was passed down from family to family to explain the real reason baby animals are named as they are.


About the Author

Gene White

Gene White starting writing in elementary school and was accepted into the Young Authors Association for his original story ideas. He has continued to write children’s books and short stories while managing life and a career as a US Marine and later an IT executive. Gene and his wife, DeNeige, live in rural Lynchburg, Virginia, with their two children and two St. Bernards. Look for the next book in this series in 2018.