The Conquer of Suicide

Does Anyone Know Me?

by Shawna Bluestein


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Does anyone know me? Yes

The Conquer of Suicide deals with facts that many do not discuss until it is too late. I wrote this book to discuss these facts while there is still time. What seems like the end may be your new beginning. God has a purpose for you and He wants you to know what that purpose is, to walk in it with victory, not living in a mind set or a life of defeat. May God bless you as you read how God turned one woman's hurts in life into a living strength. This book will minister to you and everyone that reads it.


Book Excerpt

There is a big difference in feeling down and living that way. We all have moments of feeling down and may even go through feelings of depression. However there is a state a person can live in that can be so overwhelming it’s even hard to function, let alone ask for help. I hope to the glory of God that those who read will be inspired and find strength to ask for help and move forward into what God has for them. I am hoping that friends and families will see the need to talk about these issues and feelings while there is still time, not after the fact of someone acting on their hopelessness or thoughts of ending their life. When we find the strength to hold on, God will show us the way. HE will show us His purpose for our lives. If we don't give up looking to the Lord for why we are here and what HE wants for us. When we keep seeking we will start to see, and that is when we really start to live, right in God’s purpose. When we understand why we are here and do what HE wants us to do, the fulfillment of that is amazing.


About the Author

Shawna Bluestein

Shawna Bluestein is an anointed writer, as well as an artist, wielding the written craft to enrapture the mind much like an artist wields a brush. The pages in this book are a canvas from which to draw wisdom as God’s word and a life story are shared. Strength is gained as this book inspires those who read it. Some books are just written. This book was lived, and it contains a life-giving testimony to the power of God. Many words are written, but few are matched by a courageous individual who rises to the task of sharing issues that most do not discuss until it is too late. The Conquer of Suicide is the first in a series of books with insight on overcoming life’s trials, becoming who God wants you to be and doing what God wants you to do regardless of how you may feel at times. This book is about fulfilling God’s purpose when life seems to be purpose-less. May the Spirit of God grasp your heart as you read and discover that one woman’s story and her heartache may be just what you have been needing to hear. God Bless.