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“Jealousy is like a violent tornado that destroys everything in its path…”

“I’m Lisa…” is a coming of age/love story that takes you back in time on a trip down memory lane and back to high school, where three best friends are living it up and enjoying this very free and exhilarating time in their lives. They realize the choices they make can change everything forever, in just the blink of an eye. Together, they experience the traditional high school peaks and valleys of romance and adventure, as well as the dilemmas of a deeper level, such as the Manic Depressive downfall of a friend who spirals out of control, a mother’s stormy addiction and a father whose well kept hidden secrets are exposed, one by one. Lisa falls in love for the first time and a beautiful, tender love story unfolds, bringing with it all of the raw emotions that follow. It’s magical. But, what is it that leads Lisa running into the arms of another classmate, who is also in love with her? Nothing is as it seems, as a tightly woven, dramatic plot with an unusual twist is created by revealing the thoughts of an intriguing cast of characters, resulting in this unique work that is both creative and complex. Recommended for its realistically depicted drama of the pain of growing up, for its clever dialog, and colorful characters. Genre: Young Adult / Fiction / Romance


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Anne G. Molina

Anne G. Molina is a freelance writer who was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and who now lives in LA with her family. She enjoys mysteries, romance novels and suspense thrillers. She is currently dreaming up new ideas for her next fiction novel.



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