46 Days in Ukraine

A Spectator's Guide to Adoption

by Basil Pallis


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“Its no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense” (Mark Twain)

A real life story of American couple returning to Ukraine in an attempt to finalize the adoption of three orphaned children. To do so, they must traverse a bizarre labyrinth of government bureaucracy, confront obstacles man made and otherwise and contend with the all peculiarities of living in a strange land. Served up as a travelogue, tragedy meets comedy in a head-on collision. A heartwarming tale, best enjoyed from the comfort and safety or your own couch.


Book Excerpt

...It was indeed bittersweet as it was all coming to a close. There are occasions in your life when you live fully conscious. At these times you understand the sacredness of the moment, the fact that you will never have it again. Such was our parting. It was a parting from this place, from this time.... On this wintry night, the now familiar train station took on an other-worldly feel. The snow danced all around us and in the myriad of lights up above. Through the station hall and on the platforms beyond, people with bundles scurried, couples embraced and the locomotives that would carry them long and far beckoned the passengers with its humming and hissing. Final heartfelt good-byes were said and we too boarded the train, which now steamed like a waiting dragon, ready to carry us in its belly back up north to Kiev.... On board we settled in to our compartments as warm and cozy as ever. The new variable was the three extra souls in tow. The children jumped from bunk to bunk, giggling and shouting. As we pulled away, the motion excited them further; they had never been on a train before. Vika went to the window and took in the passing views, first of the city fading away, then of the darkened countryside. She stayed there for hours, long after everyone had gone to sleep. She had never left the place of her birth. Her entire world was this one city. I tried to imagine what was going through her mind. I looked forward to the day when we show her all the things we take for granted: the changing of the seasons, a mountain, a forest full of woodland creatures, things she has only heard about....


About the Author

Basil Pallis

Basil Pallis, born 1961 in West Milford, N.J., currently resides with his wife, Rita and their three children in nearby Vernon N.J. A graduate of Columbia University, he is in private practice as a general dentist since 1987.