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Writing Consultation

If you need help finishing (or starting) your book, the Writing Consultation service from Outskirts Press will give you the tools you need to restart or fine-tune your work and get your book back on track.


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Stuck in a rut?

The Writing Consultation service from Outskirts Press provides you with the tools you need to restart or fine-tune your writing and get your book back on track. This service gives you time with a professional, skilled writer to address any writing issues you are experiencing, along with valuable advice and a plan of action for moving forward.

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Writing a book is a big undertaking, one that can stymie even the most prolific and organized of authors. Often, the difference between finishing and not finishing a book lies not in the enormity of the task at hand, but in the smallest details. With the Writing Consultation, you will have a brainstorming session with a professional, successful writing consultant. Your consultant will personally work with you to overcome a number of obstacles.

Use your consultation time to:
  • Troubleshoot plot, characters, technique or execution of your ideas
  • Work through writer’s block
  • Take inventory of usable book materials
  • Organize book ideas into a useable outline
  • Get ideas on how to proceed with a book
  • Gather ideas on how to finish
  • Negotiate tricky passages
  • Ask for general writing advice
  • Get help moving to the next step in writing

The Writing Consultation service from Outskirts Press includes one, 1-hour session with a trained writing professional, who will walk you through whatever difficulty you may be encountering. Your consultant will provide advice and help you find solutions to your writing concerns. Upon completion of your 1-hour session, your writing consultant will provide a follow-up summary of your meeting, along with constructive information you can use to get back on track.

This could be just the breakthrough move you need to get your book completed and you on the road to being a published author!

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