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Ultimate self publishing

Black & White

Customize your publishing experiences with three a la carte publishing packages, each of which offer various levels of customization along with full-color covers, black/white interiors, and worldwide distribution.
full color self publishing


The full-color publishing packages from Outskirts Press bring your color publishing dreams to life for any book imaginable, from a fully-illustrated children's book (including original drawings!) to a travel journal to a photographer's collection.
professional self publishing

Publishing Suites

One click and you're done! That's the magic of the One-Click Publishing Suites from Outskirts Press, which leverage our decade of experience to bring you the best publishing and marketing services into specifically designed bundles.
ebook self publishing


The e-book only publishing services from Outskirts Press simplify the often confusing conversion process of turning a manuscript into a fully formatted e-book with digital distribution to channels like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes.

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Outskirts Press offers the best of both worlds...

... by combining the advantages of traditional book publishing with the advantages of independent self-publishing. Before, during, and after publication you will receive the assistance of a dedicated group of publishing professionals, all the while maintaining 100% of your publishing rights and 100% of your profits. With our Private Label Imprint and ISBN option, you can even own your own ISBN assigned directly by R.R. Bowker (for 20% less than they charge you).

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