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Promotional Materials Bundle

Bookmarks, business cards, posters & post cards featuring the cover of a self-published book are some of the best book promotion tools for local marketing.  Authors can use them to announce their book’s debut, promote book events, etc.
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Save time & money with this popular marketing bundle containing 1,525 custom promotional items featuring YOUR book.

500 bookmarks  ▪️  500 business cards  ▪️  500 postcards  ▪️  25 small posters

If you've published with Outskirts Press, the price is discounted even further, so login to your Publishing Center first before ordering.

Tangible Book Marketing Tools for Live Events & Physical Outreach

This bundle includes...

500 Bookmarks   500 Postcards   500 Business Cards   25 Small Posters

Custom bookmarks featuring your book cover for self publishing authors promoting their book.

Custom postcards which can be used to announce your publication or your book event, featuring your book cover for self publishing authors promoting their book.

Custom business cards featuring your book cover for self publishing authors promoting their book.

Custom posters featuring your book cover for self publishing authors promoting their book at live events or physical locations.

Bookmarks are a wonderful promotional item to pass out because people rarely throw them away; they actually use them! They might as well use a bookmark that promotes your book. Postcards are the most effective direct mail piece because they require a lower postage rate, offer a high-quality presentation of your cover, and contain book and ordering information. Every author needs a business card. What better way to promote your book and yourself at the same time than with professional business cards that feature your book's cover? Posters serve two purposes. They're great for book signings and other events where you need a large presentation pieces to draw attention to your event and they're great for framing and hanging on your wall.

Promotional materials every self publishing author needs to be successful with in-person marketing and physical outreach marketing.

As a bonus, you'll receive a free tip sheet on how to get the most from your promotional materials.

As an author, you are also an entrepreneur. Your network is the direct result of the strength of your brand and your ability to connect with others. Why would you ever leave such a powerful influence to chance? There's a simple answer to that question—you shouldn't.

Instead, you should aim to further enhance your brand. Things like bookmarks, business cards, postcards, and posters can separate you from authors who don't take the business of writing seriously. You are a professional, and you owe it to yourself (and you readers) to present a flawless image that embodies who you are as an author and what that means to your brand.

What's the easiest way to do that? Find a package that allows you to get everything you need while also saving you money. After all, the cost of printed materials can add up quickly.

Many successful authors choose the Promotional Materials Package because it offers everything they need (and more) to start their business.


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A word from an author about our marketing materials.

I'm so pleased with my bookmarks. I love the professional glossy finish. They are beautiful and I'm proud to share them with my friends and customers. Blessings...

Carol Shimp

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