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Book Marketing Specialist (5 hours)

Most self-published authors need help developing a book marketing plan.  Our Book Marketing Specialist will map out a plan to market the book at all the right times & in all the right places—not to mention targeting all the right book-buyers!


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Do you know how to develop a book marketing plan or even what should be included in it? Do you have the time and know-how to snag and schedule book signings? Are you confused about when, where and how to implement these and other elements of your book marketing plan? Let your Book Marketing Specialist do the heavy lifting for you!

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What can a Book Marketing Specialist help you with?

  • Developing a Marketing Plan

    A marketing plan is as vital to your book's marketing success as an outline was to writing it. And your marketing plan should be continuously updated to stay aligned with your goals and take advantage of your marketing successes. When you hire a book marketing assistant, you will receive a customized marketing plan with recommended actions and valuable information you can use TODAY to sell more books.

  • Arranging Book Signings

    Book signings are special moments for any author. Your Book Marketing Specialist will help you schedule these events and coordinate all the important details.

  • Establishing/Developing your Author Platform

    An online platform is vital to your book's success.  Your online presence says a lot about you as a person, and it can say a lot about you as an author. Having an internet presence that is tailored specifically to your needs will help you get the word out about your book(s) to a large, targeted audience and give readers valuable ways to find you and buy your book. An author platform includes a website, social networking accounts, and more; and your Book Marketing Specialist will ensure you make the most of this valuable marketing medium!

  • Following-up with Marketing Campaign Leads

    When life gets busy, it’s nice to have someone helping you with the details—like following up with potentially valuable marketing leads. Your Book Marketing Specialist will chase down these leads for you and make sure you get ’em while they’re HOT!

  • And TONS more!

    After your initial 30-minute telephone consultation, your BMS will develop your customized Marketing Plan based upon your goals and budget. What your BMS spends his/her time doing is up to you!

Let the Outskirts Press Book Marketing Specialists help you market your book.

Some words from an author about our marketing services

Outskirts Press has been a fantastic experience. I am comparing it with two previous companies I have worked with. Everyone has been extremely knowledgeable, but also very responsive, positive, friendly and helpful. Time frames have been quick and as promised. Your marketing support is also excellent after publishing. I am very impressed with Outskirts and hope to start a new book with them since the last three are now published.

Kathryn J. Kappler

Service Details

So, you’ve written and published your book—now what?

The success of your book now rests on what you do next. How, and how diligently, you market your book will have a huge impact on its success.
For most authors, the biggest hurdle to book marketing is time. For others, inexperience is a serious stumbling block, and others simply want nothing more than to get back to what they love—writing.
What if you could have it all? You know, someone who shares your deep passion for books yet has the time, knowledge and drive to handle all the important details of book marketing.  Now you can!  The Outskirts Press Book Marketing Specialists are trained to do just that.

Your marketing specialist will help you map out a plan to market your book at all the right times and in all the right places—not to mention targeting all the right book-buyers—so you sell successfully!

As an added bonus, once you purchase a 5-hour block of time with your Book Marketing Specialist, you will receive a TipSheet full of helpful information on how best to utilize the time you have with your specialist.

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