Basic Black & White Publishing Package


Basic Publishing Package Included Features & Optional Upgrades

The Basic Black & White Publishing Package from Outskirts Press offers above-average profit margins and the basic services you'll need to get your book published.  Combined with our one-on-one support throughout your publishing process the Basic package is a good overall value.

All Basic books include a full-color cover and industry-standard black & white interior formatting.  You'll have your choice of 16 formats with glossy covers and white or creme (recycled) paper options—casebound hardbacks are an available upgrade option for Basic authors.   

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Basic Publishing Package Included Features & Optional Upgrades

  • self publishing 16 Trim Sizes and Format Choices

    The Basic offers standard book sizes like 5.5 x 8.5, and 6x9 in both paperback and laminated casebound.

  • self publishing ISBN and Barcode

    A Bowker issued ISBN is a book industry requirement for distribution and retail sales. Every Basic package includes an ISBN and a barcode on the back cover of the book, with the option of adding your own Private Label ISBN if you prefer.

  • self publishing Standard Interior Book Formatting

    Another reason Outskirts Press is rated #1 is because our books look so professional, both on the outside and the inside. Every Basic package includes free standard interior book formatting by a real, live (and talented) human being.

  • self publishing Standard Press Release

    Every Ultimate package grants you access to your exclusive Publishing Center after publication, where your Author Toolkit gives you control over your author webpage, your sales sheet, and your free standard press release. You can easily edit the content of your webpage, sales sheet, and press release as you see fit, and as much as you want.

  • self publishing 6 Paperback Author's Copies

    Once your book is published, order your 6 free paperback author's copies, which includes free shipping within the continental United States. You can always order more at any time for your below-wholesale price in quantities as low as 5 at a time.

  • self publishing Espresso Book Machine

    The revolutionary Espresso Book Machine allows your book to be ordered, printed and sold right in front of your customer. Your book will be available at every current and future Espresso Book Machine location.

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A Sampling of Books Published With This Package

Glass Half Full
by James N. Logue

Fruit of the Spirit
by Paula Flournoy

Compare & Save with Outskirts Press

We've analyzed the competition so you don't have to. The Basic is our second-best a la carte publishing package. Here are prices from four of our largest competitors for their second best a la carte packages. Why pay for options you may not need? Flexibility and customization: just two more reasons why Outskirts Press is rated #1.

A Word from a Basic Author

Outskirts Press, and my representative, Lisa, are the definition of professional. I am Keith Mosher, author of On a Sphere's Edge. This was my first novel, but there are more to come. The publishing story, along with the writing, was a long and twisted path. I initially self-published as an ebook, and then as an audio book, knowing all along I had to get the novel in print. I did a good deal of research and opted for Outskirts Press, and I'm glad I did. The process was clear, clean, and effortless. Lisa and the rest of the team at Outskirts were helpful and accommodating, even when I requested some out-of-sequence changes to the cover. Thank you Outskirts Press.

Keith Mosher

Basic Authors Often Add

self publishing custom cover design

Professional Custom Cover Design

Eight seconds is all the time you have to WOW a potential reader into considering your book. With so much competition, it's more important to ever to make your book cover stand out in a crowd - especially in a wide sea like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Apple's Bookstore. How much of a difference can a customized cover make? Will readers care? If you want an exclusive professional custom cover designed specifically for your book according to your specifications and/or using an image you own or envision, this option is for you.

Ebook self publishing

Elite E-book Publishing Package

Increase availability and distribution of your hard copy book by adding an electronic edition with the Elite E-book Package, which published a Kindle, Nook, and Apple Books edition of your book, each with Private Lable ISBNs and Private Lable distribution to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple, respectively.

Amazon Launch Bundle

Imagine working so hard to write and book and investing so much to publish it and then not marketing it. Believe it or not, many authors do just that. But the savvy author recognizes the value of selling their book on Amazon, so they choose the Amazon Launch Bundle, which includes our most popular marketing services aimed at Amazon for an amazing price.

Package Details

All our covers are full-color, unless purposely requested/submitted by the author to be in black/white. All Basic interiors are black/white.

Paperback specifications: Paperback bindings are high-quality perfect bound. We create only industry-standard, high-quality books, so we do not offer comb or spiral bindings.

Hardback specifications: Casebound formats are full-color laminated casebound covers, such as the type you commonly see on textbooks, cookbooks, and children's books. Casebounds are now available with full-color glossy laminated covers or a full-color matte finish. Dust jacket formats are laminated hardbacks with printing on the spine.


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