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How to Publish a Children's Book

Explore the Process of Self-Publishing a Kids' Book

When you've made the decision to write a children's book, whether it's a charming story or an educational adventure, your inspiration likely stems from a desire to captivate young minds. Crafting books for children can feel like a joyful calling. Regardless of your intentions for the book, whether you're crafting an imaginative tale, an interactive picture book, or an educational resource, understanding the process of publishing a children's book is essential.

As you embark on this journey, it's beneficial to seek guidance from the outset. Grasping the steps involved in creating an exceptional manuscript is of utmost importance.

Below we outline the stages that will set you on the path to success during your writing and publishing journey.

Before Publishing a Children's Book

Nurture your ideas

Before you begin writing, take time to reflect on the purpose of your book and the core message you want to convey to young readers. Consider who, what, when, where, and why to refine your book's focus. Identify your target audience within the realm of children's literature, and decide whether you're targeting a specific age group or a broader readership.

Be mindful of the illustrations

Most children’s book have artwork that complements the story, so it is important to keep those images in your mind when drafting your prose.

Will you be providing the artwork yourself or will you be hiring a professional artist or illustrator to provide the artwork/illustrations for you?

Steps to Writing and Publishing a Children’s Book

Commence the writing journey

Often, starting is the most challenging part of any project. Embrace the process with enthusiasm and push through any self-doubt. As you begin writing the manuscript, ensure you're familiar with formatting guidelines to avoid unnecessary adjustments later. Choose a perspective for your story, whether first-person or third-person, and maintain consistency throughout.

Establish a writing routine

Devise a schedule for writing, committing to specific times or word counts each day. By adhering to a writing routine and staying disciplined, you'll make steady progress towards completing your book.

Revise and refine

After completing the initial draft, the revision phase begins. Authors commonly go through multiple drafts before submitting their manuscript for publication. Polish your story to perfection.

Share your story

Once you're confident in your manuscript, ask a few of your friends if they would be willing to read it to their children. Then solicit their feedback.

Select a publisher

This crucial step requires careful consideration. Are you going to try to find an agent to publish traditionally or will you be publishing it yourself with a self-publishing company? Research and identify reputable children's book publishers or self-publishing platforms. Opt for a publisher that aligns with your vision for your book and has a track record of producing quality children's literature.

Enhance your book's visuals

Children's books heavily rely on visual appeal. If you are not providing the visuals yourself, collaborate with a skilled illustrator to bring your story to life through captivating artwork that resonates with young readers. Most large publishers and self-publishing companies can connect you with a large selection of artists so you are sure to find the exact style you are looking for.

Finishing Touches for Publishing a Children's Book

Polish your book design

The interior layout and design of a children’s book is particularly important since the words and visuals should complement each other. All publishers, and most self-publishing companies, will take care of this important step for you.

Illustrated children's book layout for a self-published black & white middle-grade chapter book.exampleIllustrated kids' book layout for a full-color self-published children's picture book.exampleIllustrated children's book layout for a self published full-color kid's picture book.

Promote your book

Develop a marketing strategy to introduce your children's book to its audience. Explore online and offline promotional avenues, such as social media, book signings, and collaborations with influencers in the children's literature space.

Connect with influencers

Identify influential individuals within the children's literature community who could help promote your book. Reach out to bloggers, educators, and parents who might be interested in reviewing or endorsing your work.

Explore advertising options

Utilize advertising platforms like social media ads, Amazon advertising, and children's book-focused websites to increase the visibility of your book.

Costs Involved when Self-Publishing a Children's Book

Embarking on your children's book project requires careful financial planning from the outset. View these expenses as investments in your book's success, as it will continue to enrich young readers' lives for years to come.

To create a competitive and high-quality children's book, allocating resources to professional services is crucial. The expenses associated with self-publishing a children’s book can vary depending on the service provider and specific requirements.

The cost of the following elements will have the most influence on your budget if you plan on self-publishing your children’s book.

  • Full-color illustrations
  • Cover design
  • Interior book layout and design
  • Copyediting
  • Marketing & promotion

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Outskirts Press Published Author 5 Star Review

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