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Choosing Your Price Plan

The Custom Difference

Why Outskirts Press?

Only Outskirts Press grants you full control over all your pricing. Our amazing pricing calculator makes it easy to set your retail price, your royalty, and your trade discount.

The rules are up to you. See what some of our successful authors are doing to turn their profits up and the publishing industry upside down:

  • Disallowing retail returns
  • On-demand print runs for the convenience of zero-inventory

Of course, conventions have their place. As our satisfied authors will tell you, Outskirts Press lets you fully customize your experience if you wish to remain more traditional:

  • Select the optional retail returns program

Or you can do anything in between. With every facet of book production, publication, distribution, and marketing support under one roof, you have the ultimate in convenience and control, every step of the way.

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