How to Determine Book Pricing
for Self-Publishing and Indie Authors

What you need to know about pricing your book...

Outskirts Press allows you, as the author, to set your own book pricing.

The elements under your control are the Trade Discount, Retail price and Author profit. Your book pricing is also affected by the final length of your book.

Since these elements are interrelated and depended upon one another, you will need to select the element which is most important to you, then base the other numbers on that key element.

Trade discount

Trade discount

The amount you give to wholesales and retailers to carry your book and offer it for sale. Learn More

Retail price

Retail price
(aka, Suggested Retail Price)

The amount you suggest that retailers list your book for sale to their customers. Learn More

Author profit

Author profit
(aka, Royalties)

The amount you make every time a new copy of your book is sold. Learn More

Step 1: Choose Your Trade Discount

You can set your trade discount between 30% and 55%

Setting your trade discount below 30% will result in your book having NO distribution.

If you want to see your book on physical bookstore shelves, you'll need to set your Trade Discount at 55% (though this will not guarantee placement).

Select your Trade Discount:

Step 2: Enter Your Book Information

Your book's size and page count play a LARGE role in it's cost.

The pricing here is just an estimate, your book's final pricing will be approved by you just prior to publication.

Select your book's trim size and format:

If your book is full-color on the inside be sure to select a full-color trim size (they are at the bottom of the list) as full color printing is priced are differently than black & white printing.

Enter your book's ESTIMATED page count at publication:

Step 3: Customize Your Pricing

(Pricing uses page count in printed book of pages)
Retail Price
Base Price

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