The Dinosaur Who Could Not Roar

The Dinosaur Who Could Not Roar

The tale of a speech delayed t-rex

by Stephanie Kneisler


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Product description...

The tale of a speech delayed t-rex who found out that love is a universal language.

Max is a speech delayed t-rex who was born without a roar; a birth given trademark of every dinosaur!

As Max struggles to express himself in a world that just can't understand him, his loving mama tries everything to help her sweet, gentle giant communicate. Try after unsuccessful try, Max decides to run away from his problems by running away, but soon realizes that he misses his home and it’s time for him to embrace his delay.

As he frantically races through the hot, jungle sun to get back to his family cave, he…. GASP!... suddenly finds his roar! But although he's finally able to communicate, once reunited with his friends and family, he learns that it never mattered if he could roar or not; he was loved and special, no matter how different he was.

Product details...

Format: 8.5 x 8.5 Color Paperback, 35 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Feb 07, 2020)
ISBN10: 197721696X
ISBN13: 9781977216960
Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatures

Author Information...

Stephanie KneislerStephanie is a corporate communicator by trade and creative storyteller by passion. A mom of two young boys, her dinosaur-loving eldest had a severe speech delay. Their bedtime story ritual played a large role in helping her son find his voice, which inspired her to celebrate their journey through this book.
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