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The Dog Rescuers Book II

Purrfectly Unleashed

by Joni Wilson


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Product description...

Who Is Rescuing Who?

The much anticipated, book two of “The Dog Rescuers” series ushers in more dogs needing to be rescued like Romeo, the trash addicted bulldog and Chanel, the misplaced trapeze artist with a French accent. We also meet an existentialist cat, much to the annoyance of Kiddo, that saunters in on his action, forcing Kiddo to deal with his own long, dark history of hating cats. Thus, the title “Purrfectly Unleashed.” The, “Master Plan” is sidetracked when a trip to Hollywood brings the pack face to face with a night in a dog shelter. After a brave escape, they make it back smack dab in the middle of America, where it’s no surprise that more dogs answer Kiddo’s call and show up in Abby’s yard to be rescued. Time to get back on track and keep Abby and Luke focused on the “Master Plan,” which is to ultimately find homes for all the dogs lost and confused, sad and abused, so they can get rescued, through the “Plan B- Mode of Operation.” In the meantime, so much good is happening around the colliding of the two worlds of man and beast as they discover their hidden talents, and that anything is possible with the love of a great dog.

The reader is brought into two parallel worlds as both human and canine deal with life challenges. They learn they are not that different after all. In the end, we ask, are the humans really doing the rescuing or does this secret world of doggie communication, expose that all along it was a ruse to rescue humans. Every character has their own song, written by Joni and some of Nashville’s top songwriters, on the interactive website www.thedogrescuers.net. Facebook.com/thedogrescuersonline

Product details...

Format: 5.5 x 8.5 Black & White Paperback, 112 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Jul 28, 2019)
ISBN10: 1478798971
ISBN13: 9781478798972
Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / Dogs

Author Information...

Joni WilsonAuthor, JONI WILSON is no novice to writing. A Toronto native, she immigrated to Nashville, Tennessee where she worked as an accomplished screenplay writer and has toured the world as a produced singer/songwriter. Though “The Dog Rescuers” was originally written as a television series, JONI, has seamlessly ‘cracked the code,’ in transitioning these stories into a compelling children's chapter book series with an accompanying soundtrack. Boys and girls of all ages will relate to the indelible characters infused with comedic language feeding the songs they can enjoy on the interactive website as an extra layer of fun. Imagination will thrive where real-life meets fiction. Joni, is a self-proclaimed bona fide ‘Dog Rescuer,’ since the age of 8. Her muse, is fueled by a dedication to raising kids' awareness of the needs of the animal rescue community through this fantastic series, “The Dog Rescuers” in books and songs, co-written with Nashville top songwriters. Join us at the interactive website, where we are busy “making the world better, one dog at a time.”


The community page at: facebook.com/thedogrescuersonline
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This is an ongoing series, so keep checking in with the latest books and songs.

Illustrated by: Kimberly Cranfield
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