Alice & Herman the Bedbug

The Adventures Begin Bug 1

by Jerry Showman


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ALICE & HERMAN: The Adventures Begin
The bedtime stories of Alice and Herman began when our daughters were little girls. I created the adventures about Alice, a lonely 4 yr. old that needed a friend and a magical bedbug named Herman. He befriended Alice and took her on adventures she could never have imagined. After Alice magically shrunk to Herman’s size, they flew off atop Buddha Bird all over town with Gracie Grasshopper and Adam Ant. As new adventures unfold, Herman will bring along more friends for those magical trips. My girls looked forward to these adventures, and years later our four grandchildren were caught up in them just as their Moms were. So, come along and enjoy the fun and friendship that develops between these most unusual characters.

About the Author

Jerry Showman

Jerry Showman and his wife, Shirley, have been married 48 years and have two daughters and four grandchildren. A storyteller all his life, he delighted his daughters and grandchildren and they suggested he put them in writing so future generations could enjoy them. Eventually he decided to publish them so children everywhere could join in on the adventures. Collector’s edition first in the series Bug 1.