Life Under the Corporate Microscope

A Maverick's Irreverent Perspective

by Larry Underwood


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Enterprise History Through the eyes of the company Maverick
The recession in the housing market, which led to my sudden unemployment, created the perfect opportunity to start another random career, this time in the car rental business, with a company called “Executive Leasing.” I stuck around for twenty-six years, while becoming one of its highest paid, and probably, most irreverent executives. The company would change its name to Enterprise Rent-a-Car, and I would be embarking on a career that would pay me more money than I ever dreamed possible, in a business I truly loved. At the peak of my career, I was raking in close to four million dollars a year while overseeing one of the company’s most profitable and fun-loving operations…

In Life Under the Corporate Microscope, Larry Underwood, a former high-level executive with Enterprise Rent-a-Car, chronicles the remarkable transformation of a company that grew from a small leasing operation to become the largest and most profitable car rental company in the world.


Book Excerpt

After twenty six years with Enterprise, where I had accomplished more than I ever dreamed possible, it was simply time to go; with no regrets.

About the Author

Larry Underwood

Larry Underwood began his career with Enterprise Rent-a-Car in the mid-seventies, ultimately overseeing successful operations in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and the San Joaquin Valley of California. A highly regarded individual known throughout the company for his irreverent sense of humor, Underwood’s rise up the company ladder was filled with many challenging obstacles coming from the once friendly corporate hierarchy; ultimately, his free-wheeling management style fell out of favor with the corporation, ironically, as his commission-based income soared higher and higher. Underwood retired at the end of 2000, currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, and is the father of two grown children, Justin and Taryn. This is his first book.