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Paperback specifications:
All our covers are full-color, unless purposely requested/submitted by the author to be in black/white. All Ultimate interiors are black/white. Paperback bindings are high-quality perfect bound. We create only industry-standard, high-quality books, so we do not offer comb or spiral bindings.
Hardback specifications:
Casebound formats are full-color laminated casebound covers, such as the type you commonly see on textbooks, cookbooks, and children's books. Casebounds are now available with full color glossy laminated covers or a full color matte finish. Dust jacket formats are textured laminated hardbacks with gold printing on the spine.
Page count requirements:
The minimum black/white page count at publication must be 18 pages (we can pad nearly any manuscript to meet this minimum). The maximum page count at publication is 1,000 pages and 1,150 for sizes 6.14x9.21 or larger.
Paper specifications:
"Paper Type" refers to page weight and width of the paper. "Paper Color" refers to the tone of the page. Creme-white is a 30% recycled natural off-white color. White is a pure white (a better choice if your interior contains images). All paper is off-set, opaque, acid-free and meets all library archival standards.
Print-on-Demand and Distribution-on-Demand:
The power of on-demand printing and distribution-on-demand can make your book available for unlimited wholesale availability via the most sales channels in the industry (including the potential for more channels not listed above, like, e-bay, and many others, depending upon the Price Plan you choose and the marketability of the book you publish). Outskirts Press will print and fulfill an unlimited amount of orders originating from any wholesale channel, without any out-of-pocket printing costs for you, ever. You pay only for copies you order yourself at your below-wholesale price (and you don't have to order any books if you don't want to; your book will still be available via distribution-on-demand according to your package and pricing). *The Price Plan you choose determines the book's trade discount, which ultimately determines actual distribution and availability. You can set the trade discount from 0% - 55%. 55% is industry standard. The higher the trade discount, the more distribution opportunities become available from the channels above. Wholesalers and retailers are not obligated to carry/stock/order all books, timeframes for ordering or delivery is entirely at their discretion, and some will not list your book without a 55% discount and the optional Retail Returns Program.Your book's content and subject matter also play a significant role in some retailers' (like Target's or Walmart's) opinion of it. We have no control over a retailer's decision to carry/list/stock your book or the delivery timeframes they quote to customers. Most off-line retailers base their decision to stock/carry/order a book based upon four factors: Ingram availability, high trade discount, returnability, and the book's overall strength/content/customer demand (in other words, the retailer's potential profitability).

There is an annual $25 digital distribution fee per ISBN, billed every January after your book is published. This keeps your book available throughout the distribution network (the channels available for print and elite ebook distribution is displayed below), keeps your Author's Center account active, and allows you to print copies of your book yourself at any time for your below-wholesale author price, in quantities of just 5 at a time.

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