Amazon Search Inside the Book Submission

Enhanced Amazon Search Inside the Book functionality is available to authors self-publishing with Outskirts Press to increase their self-published book's sales potential.


Amazon itself has stated that books participating in the Search Inside the Book program are significantly more successful, on average, than books that do not participate.

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Do you feel that your book (which is available either exclusively or primarily online) isn't reaching your target audience? Have you ever heard anyone say that it's hard to make the decision to buy a book without taking a sneak peek and thumbing through the pages? Do you wonder why some books sell very well online while yours doesn't? Well, Outskirts Press has the perfect solution!

Our Amazon Search Inside the Book marketing option will allow you to take advantage of Amazon's online equivalent to browsing a bookstore. Books that participate in this program feature a "Look Inside" icon over their Amazon cover image, which invites potential customers to electronically "flip" through a small section of the book. This increases the level of confidence a customer has in your book - most likely leading up to a higher volume of book sales. According to Amazon, books participating in this program enjoy significant sales improvement, on average, over books that do not.

When you participate in the Amazon Search Inside the Book program, Amazon digitally catalogs the text of your book - which may result in more accurate and targeted search results and recommendations. Ultimately, the more buyers who are exposed to your book, the greater the likelihood that you will sell more copies. Can you imagine the success you'll have?



Author Testimonial

"Selling books online is very different compared to face- to- face or in a bookstore. Outskirts Press makes it easy for potential buyers to preview the front and back covers, and peruse the inside of the book at leisure before they buy it. Of course this means a greater likelihood of sales for me."

- Lynne Burke, author of In Small Measures

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