Award recognition cover enhancement


Adding an award seal to the front cover of your book helps notify everyone that you are an award-winning author with an award-winning book. Scroll to the Product Details section for more details.

With the Award Recognition Cover Enhancement option, Outskirts Press will place an Award Graphic on the cover of the book depicting the name of the award won.

Now it is easy and convenient to display an award emblem on the front cover of your printed books. Once completed, every future copy that is printed will display your award, further publicizing your accomplishment to buyers.

When you publish as many award-winning books as Outskirts Press does, it seemed natural to offer an easy and convenient way for award-winning authors to announce their award. The cover enhancement is a perfect complement to an award-winning book. Here are just a few of our award-winning examples:


Author testimonial

"Within a short period of time (about a month) after the award was placed on my cover, I noticed an uptick in sales of Guardians that continued for several months afterward. I will definitely purchase the Award Recognition Cover Enhancement for any future awards I receive. Also, aesthetically, the nice thing about the Award Recognition Cover Enhancement is I got to select the placement of the award."


- Brad Anderson, author of Guardians


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