Author Marketing Calendar 2023

Successful self-published book promotion requires an organized plan & tenacious marketing. Outskirts Press’s annual marketing calendar offers over 150 important book marketing tips, resources & deadlines for all kinds of books.


Successful book promotion requires an organized plan and tenacious, month-after-month marketing.

Let the 2023 Author Marketing Calendar from Outskirts Press draw your attention to some of the most important deadlines and most helpful marketing options & services in the industry.


Hundreds of Marketing Tips and Industry Deadlines to Supercharge Your Book Marketing

The 2023 Marketing Calendar from Outskirts Press offers hundreds of important book marketing tips, resources, and deadlines to help you make 2023 the best year possible in terms of marketing your book!

What are the dates and submission deadlines for book awards, book fairs and exclusive national magazine advertising opportunities like...

  • London Book Fair
  • The Writer's Digest Annual Book Awards
  • Reader Views Literary Book Awards

The 2023 Author Marketing Calendar answers these questions and many, many more in an organized, month-by-month manner. Marketing services, important deadlines, and promotional tips are interspersed throughout the calendar year to give you a convenient, deadline-driven marketing objective to complete week in and week out.

Sometimes the hardest part about marketing a book is knowing what to do, and when. Now you have important suggestions available at your fingertips to act upon every month, week, or day, as you see fit.

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