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Barnes & Noble Read Instantly

Enhanced Barnes & Noble See Inside functionality is available to authors self-publishing with Outskirts Press to increase their self-published book's sales potential.


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As more and more books are purchased online, the "experience" of flipping through the pages prior to buying has literally become a thing of the past. But there's just no substitute for taking a glance inside a book when considering a book purchase.

Enter "Read Instantly" from Barnes & Noble, the book marketing service from Outskirts Press that allows your potential customers the choice of flipping through digital pages of your book on the Barnes & Noble website.

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Where do your potential readers go to find books? Chances are, they search online, but viewing a book cover and synopsis online is not the same as browsing through the book itself.

The "Read Instantly" program at Barnes & Noble.com is their online book browsing tool which allows readers to browse the content of books, like they would in a bookstore, to help them make the best possible purchasing decision.

Get Barnes & Noble's Read Instantly program for your self-published book.

The "Read Instantly" program provides an excellent preview experience to potential readers to give them a true sense of your book and what they can expect if they buy it.

Books that participate in this program feature a "Read Instantly" icon over their Barnes & Noble cover image, which allows potential customers to electronically "flip" through a section of your book right from the Barnes & Noble website. 

When you participate in our Barnes & Noble Read Instantly service, a Nook eBook edition of your book is created. From your Nook Edition, Barnes & Noble catalogs the text of your book - which will result in more accurate and targeted search results and recommendations from the Barnes & Noble search engine. Ultimately, the more buyers who are exposed to your book, the greater the likelihood that you will sell more copies. What could be better?

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Author of Who's the Slow Learner? published by Outskirts Press

Having the ability for readers to 'See Inside' gives them more information to decide if Who's The Slow Learner? A Chronicle of Inclusion and Exclusion holds the answers to their questions.

Sandra Assimotos McElwee

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