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Social Media Market Research

Want to crowdsource your publishing dilemmas?  Self-publishing authors can harness the opinions of other authors, readers & industry professionals to help make important decisions about their book.


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Writing is often a solitary existence. Wouldn’t it be great if you could harness the opinions of a lot of other writers/readers/industry professionals to help you make important decisions about your book?  With this option, you'll be able to enlist the help of our online community of writers and professionals to help you decide upon anything from your custom cover design choices to your book's title.

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Have a question about which book title is best for your story? Do you need help choosing between your two custom cover design options? Wondering if you wrote a riveting beginning to your book? How about a satisfying ending? Want to be sure you've priced your book just right?

Answering these questions can be the one of the most challenging parts of the publishing process. While your Publishing Consultant can help, he/she is only one person with one opinion.

What if you had the expertise of an entire writing/professional community behind you? Wouldn't that make the decision just a bit easier? What if the very people who would buy your book could tell you exactly what to do so that they would buy it? After all, if you don't make the "right" decisions, it could affect the future sales potential of your book. 

Now you don't have to worry about making these decisions alone. Through social media market research you gain direct access to our large, active community of authors, readers and professionals to help you with finalizing important decisions regarding your book.

This works for two reasons:

  1. Fellow authors aren't your competitors. They are more than willing to help you navigate the sometimes lonely waters of perfecting your book.
  2. Readers (like any customer) enjoy having input and will remember that you cared enough to ask what they thought. This is a great way to not only engage our community of readers, but also light a fire in other readers you find online. These readers will be anxious to read your book when it publishes to see how their "voice" influenced you.

Here's how it works:

  1. After ordering this option, we will contact you to ask what sort of question you'd like answered. If your question involves graphics, provide those images back to us so we may include them with the question.
  2. We will pose your question to our community, along with a real-time poll that allows everyone in our community to "vote" for their preference. They will also be able to make specific comments which you will be able to read (and even respond to).
  3. Your Market Research question will also include information about you and your book to start generating "buzz."
  4. The survey will be promoted across our social network, including a specific link on our Facebook page and Twitter account, to encourage as many people as possible to participate. 
  5. You can watch the poll results in real-time and can act upon the information you are receiving at any time you want.
  6. Outskirts Press does not have control over the results of the poll, or the comments you receive, and the fee is non-refundable, regardless of the results you receive.

When making publishing decisions for our first Facebook anthology, Fandemonium, we conducted some social media market research of our own. From this, we were able to learn that nearly half our community preferred one cover over all the others.

Here’s the exact feedback we received:

Valuable market research like this often costs thousands of dollars when conducted the traditional way. Don't wait! Find out what the community thinks by adding this option to your cart today!

Author testimonial

"Here I’ve been writing an every-other-week column for my hometown weekly newspaper in upstate New York, The Boonville Herald, this year finishing my 9th year doing that.

Now I’m so involved with Outskirts Press getting those selected columns out in book form, incidentally finding that process most enjoyable and quite exciting. 

For Outskirts to logically ask me, “Tell us your title,” no problem - right? 

Not exactly.

When going around in circles with several titles for consideration, coincidentally, along comes a feature from Outskirts Press saying, “We’ve got this new thing that people will vote their two-cents on your choice of titles.” 

Talk about perfect timing.

The poll showed a clear winner, one that was mine as well, disciplining me to go with it; otherwise I might still be thinking about it.

I enthusiastically thank Outskirts Press for solidifying what will end up being the title of my book, Get My Drift?

So wish me luck, and know Outskirts Press was instrumental in me choosing it, just when I needed it most. 

Viva la Outskirts!

Get my drift?

- Barry Damsky, author of Get My Drift?

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