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Full color illustrations
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Professional, award-winning full-color illustrations are often the difference between a good book and a GREAT one.   With Outskirts Press illustration packages, you never have to split your royalties with the artist. Scroll down to see the available styles.

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Service Details

Outskirts Press offers original full-color illustrations (that are also available in black/white) in a variety of amazing and unique styles. Best of all, unlike with other publishers, these images are Royalty Free, which means you will not have to split your book royalties with the artist.  You keep 100% of all your profits!

Here are the details of exactly how the illustration process works:

  • We will assign an Illustration Facilitator who will contact you about your project.
  • You will supply the Illustration Facilitator very detailed descriptions of each required drawing in your purchased package. Any details omitted by you during this phase will be left up to the artist's own interpretation and artistic style.
  • You will have two chances to moderately revise the first three drawings.  This initial process will allow you to understand how the artist interprets your descriptions.
  • Descriptions for the remaining illustrations in the package should reflect this understanding and be appropriately detailed. Revisions on the remaining illustrations are at the Illustration Facilitator's discretion.
  • You will receive low-resolution proof images electronically to review and approve but will not receive high-resolution images other than what appears in the final, printed copy of the physical book.
  • You have the discretion of adding or omitting a byline artist credit on the publication of the book, although typical industry standards of book publication recommend including it.

Custom illustrations are purchased in  "blocks" of a single style in quantities of either one (1), ten (10), or fifteen (15).  For example, seventeen unique illustrations would require a package of 15 illustrations at the 15-image cost and two packages of one illustration at the 1-image cost. If the selected style becomes unavailable after payment, the author will receive a full refund. Otherwise, refunds of the custom illustrations fee are available in the following manner:  In the unlikely event the artist and author cannot agree on the style/tone/direction of the custom illustrations after the initial 3 sketches, the Custom Illustration fee for a 10-drawing or 15-drawing package is eligible for a refund minus the Kill Fee. The Kill Fee varies by style and can be requested by the artist or Author at any time prior to and up through the completion of 3 drawings. Once the three initial drawings are completed and approved by the author, the Kill Fee is no longer available and the Custom Illustration fee becomes non-refundable. Since only three illustrations are completed when the Kill Fee is available, the Kill Fee itself will never exceed 3 times the single drawing price of the chosen style.

There will be no direct contact with the illustrator/artist. Instead, you will work directly with an Outskirts Press Illustration Facilitator via email. The Illustration Facilitator will manage the communications and process between you and the artist. You receive an unlimited, non-exclusive license to use the illustrations in any related marketing efforts for, and only for, the specific book being published with these illustrations.