Holiday Marketing Bundle

Explode onto the market this holiday season with the tools a self-published book needs for your seasonal marketing efforts right when it matters most - at the start of the busy holiday book buying season!


Do you want your book to explode onto the market this holiday season? Planning such an effort can require a lot of work. The Holiday Marketing Bundle can simplify that process. You'll get the tools you need for your marketing efforts, a one-on-one strategic marketing consultation, and much more right when it matters most - at the start of the busy holiday book buying season!  All in just one click!

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Have you spent the entire year waiting for the holiday season to see skyrocketing book sales? Books make great gifts and they sell like crazy over the holidays. Usually, though, massive book sales require time and effort creating and implementing a book marketing strategy. Who has the time when holiday shopping and family get-togethers (not to mention work) occupy every waking moment?

Good news! The Holiday Marketing Bundle could be exactly what you need. The Holiday Marketing Bundle was created for authors just like you. You may not have the time to spend working on a plan and following up on every single detail but the Holiday Marketing Bundle makes it easy to reach holiday shoppers. This option is packed with everything you need to pack a powerful punch for your holiday book marketing. We do the heavy lifting. All you have to do is point and click. You couldn't have it any easier.

Here’s what it includes:

  • Book Video Teaser to use in your promotional efforts - Book Video Teasers are exciting video announcements, available exclusively through Outskirts Press, for the purposes of announcing the publication of your new book and getting your social and video networking efforts off to a flashy start!
  • 5 hours with a Book Marketing Specialist to help plan and execute your holiday marketing strategy - Book marketing can be complicated. Get real answers to questions about promoting your book during the holidays. Your Book Marketing Specialist will work with you to create a personalized marketing plan for the holiday season and beyond.
  • 4-Month Social Media Marketing Calendar - In addition to the personalized marketing plan from your Book Marketing Specialist, we will provide you with a social media marketing calendar to help you plan and schedule your social media marketing efforts.
  • Elite Distribution- With our Elite Distribution Upgrade, your book's distribution goes one step further (well, 7 steps further, actually) by supplementing standard information with additional details that are routinely included in traditional publishing efforts but rarely included with self-publishing processes. Until now...
  • A Digital format of your choice - Choose from a Kindle, Nook, iPad, or Google Books digital format.  Digial editions make great stocking stuffers since they can be purchased at the last minute.
  • An Outskirts Press exclusive Holiday Marketing Tip Sheet - 50 Secret Tips to Market your Book During the Holiday Shopping Season
  • Access to our exclusive informational video "How to Market on Facebook" 
  • PLUS a custom Social Media graphic just like the ones below that features YOUR book cover - It's great for sharing on social media!

The Holiday Marketing Bundle can mean the difference between a book that sells this holiday season and one that doesn't. Log in to your account and add this service to your cart to reserve your spot today. 

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