Amazon Listing Optimization

Self-publishing authors need to increase the selling power of their book on Amazon to increase book sales.  The trick is to include relevant, compelling and engaging information that has been search engine optimized (SEO) to bring in more readers.


Do you want to increase the "selling power" of your book sales page in order to increase your book sales (and royalty checks)?  The Amazon Listing Optimization service can help you do just that.

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The importance of your product sales page on Amazon cannot be overstated. The trick is to include relevant, compelling, sales information (with a marketing slant) that will not only increase the number of people seeing your page (thanks to search engine optimization techniques), but will also increase the number of those people actually buying your book.

Your book description should do a good job of pitching and selling your book independently of any other efforts you are taking. That means your Amazon sales content has to be written in such a way that it helps search engines find your book and motivates readers to buy your book. While it may sound simple enough, writing such a successful book description often takes time and research.

What if you don't have time (or don't want to) do all of that yourself?

Our Outskirts Press copywriters spend a lot of time around books. They know what makes readers buy books.  And our book marketing folks know what content search engines respond to. By combining these skills with the Amazon Listing Optimization service, your search engine optimized and "polished" sales content will help more readers find your book with less effort on your part.

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Easy, right? Let's get started on your Amazon Listing Optimization.

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