Google Play Distribution (Economy & Basic packages)

Self-publishing authors should not forget Google when marketing their book to readers. Selling a book in the Google Play store allows authors to expand their readership and every additional sales channel makes a book more discoverable & increases sales.


Google is where people go to find things—make sure they can find your book!  Reach readers where they want to be with a Google Play eBook EditionEvery additional sales channel makes your book more discoverable and increases your book sales.

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With our Google Play Distribution service, you can sell your book to millions of readers browsing for books on the Google Play app and in the Google Play store. 

While books might not be the first thing that come to mind when you think about Google, the numbers speak for themselves. Google's bookstore is one of the largest worldwide.

The sales potential that lies in this type of exposure is staggering. There are several benefits to Google Play Distribution that all contribute to a vastly greater opportunity to sell:

  • Your book becomes more visible. Google Play lets readers all over the world discover your book, preview a portion of it, and buy it all from their Google search.
  • Your book becomes more discoverable. Google scans and indexes the text of your entire book for its search engine. That means there are more words and phrases tied to your book that could lead curious readers straight to you.
  • Readers get a sneak peek. When prospective book buyers find your book on Google Play, they’re automatically given access to a limited preview of your book to further entice them to buy. 
  • Buy Instantly. Readers can purchase your book directly from Google Play and read it in all the popular reading apps. 
Google Play Distribution offered by Outskirts Press for self-publishing authors.

Google Play Distribution is an inexpensive and extremely effective way to get your book in front of a sizable audience of avid readers.  

In addition to your listing on Google Play, you also get a free listing on Google Books, AND when people search for your book directly in Google, you get a special listing at the top of the search results and additional information in the right margin of the Google search results.

With just a few clicks of the mouse, you could be on your way to unbeatable exposure. Just click the “Add to Cart” button and complete your purchase. We'll submit your book to Google Play and pay you royalties on every sale. 

Google Play Distribution gives self-published authors an advantage when people search in Google for their book.

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